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An individual virus, or virion is so unimaginably small, one would need to put a billion of them on a pin head to get the picture. With just seven pin heads, they out number us humans! The mechanisms by which they enter a living cell and trick it into replicating for them are mind blowing; It's like reading a sci-fi drama. Fact is truly more wonderful than fiction. The thing itself isn't even considered to be alive, yet eight percent of our very make up is viral dna: That's about one hundred thousand pieces of it in each of us. There are suggestions we may not have evolved without viral help and fifty to eighty percent of our genome may be the result of transposons from viral interaction (dna / rna that can jump around, or something!) Mutation is after all, the driving force of evolution. These empty and selfless phenomena become real, emotionally charged situations as the drama unfolds, literally, within us. Virus in yew is a celebration of the beauty in natures unfathomably complex and fine tuned ways, manifest in us, the 'greatest' apes.

I've domed some colored metals, soldered them to copper 'stems' and set them into the knots and spots of grain. They were repeatedly 'painted' with salt and vinegar until the patina had grown.

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