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 An illustration of Albert's flexible space time theory often looks like a disc, or net, thrown across a plane, with an object of dense gravity distorting that plane. The first time I raised a dome in a flat sheet I saw the similarities and decided to make this in galactic clouds of purple and deep space blue. The twenty four karat gold stars were strewn by virtue of an old Korean process called Kuem Boo; the iron is heated to about 350c and the gold is burnished into place.
The centre is a hand carved sphere of approximately 40,000 year old swamp Kauri! It was given to me fifteen years ago, by an elder of the intentional community we lived on. When she told me of its age I must admit I thought she'd got it wrong. It turns out she was quite right. Probably felled by a Tsunami, burried in a bog for all the years of modern humanity, waiting for me to help its chatoyance shine. I roughed it round with a penkinife, while sitting around the fire, the night it was given and it's been waiting in my studio, gathering dust and dings eversince. It was a delight to finish it, seeing the shinining wood set against the iron universe; it has been with me longer than my children!

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