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Part of a piece of driftwood I found at my local beach. It is remarkably hard timber and took many hours of carving. I was fascinated by the pattern the sea had already worn in the surface grain, not deeply raised, but subtly so. As it was seasoning I searched for its center, which presented itself as a small sheet of bronze shim, reclaimed from a massive press that was being broken down. I cut grain lines into it and melted silver into them, then raised the dome with a small hammer, after heating it to a cherry glow, many times. In 400 years of the tradition of Mokume Gane (wood grained metal) nobody has matched the wood grain to the metal, that I can find. It's the trickiest trick but I'm obsessed by the possibilities. Drifter is something of a study, I hope to produce more soon, with traditionally fused and carved layers of precious metal. 

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