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Artist's statement

My work is about the beauty, infinite complexity and preciousness of life and the delicate balance between chaos and order. My inspiration is drawn from the likenesses between microcosmic and macrocosmic forms such as subatomic particles and planets.

Each sphere is produced by eye and hand, often from rare and precious materials. I feel peaceful, meditative processes are ideal and choose hand tools whenever possible. 

Many of these works take years to complete, as some media must be seasoned and finishing processes can require months of curing. Some have been stored for over a decade, in order for the desired patina to develop.

Often they include hidden elements, which usually have a property that makes them attractive to interact with. Under the right circumstances I like to encourage people to explore, even to play with my work.


Steven Whiffen is a native of South West Britain. He spent much of his childhood at play in a wooded valley by the sea and attended a community school in Holwell, Dorset. In 1988 he enrolled at Shelley Park College of Art and Design, Bournemouth (in the beautiful home of the late poet Shelley). He went on to graduate from the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London. It was here he was exposed to silversmithing.

The Spheres series of sculptures were conceived in his studio at Guggleton Farm in Dorset, after a weekend at the Kröller-Müller Museum.

Several years later he moved to New Zealand, where he lives a semi self-sufficient lifestyle, as part of a community of artists and gardeners.

Selected past exhibitions 

1997  Tower Bridge Piazza Gallery, London, Britain 
1999  Guggleton Farm Gallery, Stalbridge, Britain
2003  'By the Sea', Osmington Mills, Britain
2005  Padstow Gallery, Cornwall, Britain
2009  Otago Art Society, Railway Station Gallery, Dunedin NZ
2018  A2 Gallery, Wells, Britain
2019  A2, Saatchiart, Greening the Earth, UK,  Singulart France.

2020  A2, Saatchiart, Singulart

2021  A2, Greening the earth

2022  A2, Greening the earth

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Steven Whiffen

c/o Counter Delivery

Karitane Post Center

130 Stornoway Street






0064 (0)211555449

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